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Poem 11
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                            "The Difference of a Struggle"

                 People who had long sought of these men as ventriloquist to perform their strength and their stamina only know the half of the two-sided history. Of men through out are ages to find the meaning of struggle, rejection, and suffering. Our the first side of our view is only to see men that pose but, don't we care to see the truth within; for this what we all lead it to be known a wrestling. For the people who are in the inside of these organizations; Like the ‘World Wrestling Federation" know the true side, and the ways they had truly respected other wrestlers who had passed away.

                 For their true nature you see when knowing that they care about others safety even if one does not like, another this is what I called as well as other true fans sportsmanship. For the peak of there time will be every day of their life’s for who has forgotten them, no one has since their greatest moments have been set in to memory from young and from old. Since children's dreams are to be at one with their idols, for children from the past as well watch wrestling. And to see where they end up being with the best of the best in wrestling today. As of Mick Foley who had only seen wrestling from his prospective at nights from his own television set when he was a child.

                 For who is to say that we will never accomplish our goals of life and our child hood dreams. For this a man like any man who dreams just to become something that no one does not wish to accept them for their decisions. For a person who respects you for your true ways as a wrestler or just being a normal Joe should be consider a true friend in life.