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Poem 10
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                  Your beauty ness finds me so undutiful of what was considered laughter from your inner self. I have no words to describe how you captured my heart in a way as if Death has taken my soul away and has lead me to the greatest depths of heights of heaven; this is unimaginable to the levels of upbringing you have gave me from just, seeing your eyes as if I had been frozen still for the brief seconds of seeking the site of you only for me after words to catch my breath before I fall just to see you; and as well I cannot move to say a thing of great word but nothing can help one show what you have given me a way to write this to you.

I can not stop for since you surround my time of greatness with great lengths of curiosity. For in my view I see a lady of your statue to give a shadow of yourself, and not to let others see you bloom in such radiant colors. As like when the rain comes with its darkness all around to only leave away; to only show later it means no harm. Soon there forth after the sun gives a ray of light to the waters of this Earth, and to give it’s gift to the sky above where no one knows where it’s arch leads or ends as you are the same.

For me I shall not reveal my true ways as I have described your wonderful characteristics; since I am only a shadow to yourself and others. Elements and figures let me be. For this is who I am one with great confusion; but has good ways with words when written.