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Poem 9
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          "To what is considered a thought to others is a wish for me"  

                 For today I’ve seen what I consider guiltiness towards myself for not writing you anything. I only consider myself be a spec in the sky never say a word but only to watch as if you were that of greatness like the moon. Which will circle around me forever until I die for I only glance to see, your new position of which area you have moved for I cannot move away. Since I am draw to your brightness of what I wish to be your light only reflects others. As of I stay in total darkness in space once at time stars were to be thought of great kings
who had fallen to fight a great struggle for their people.

                Now and so on they only would be lights in the sky which long ago our ancestors thought of them as a great mystery. For how you seem to suspend yourself, and to become independent I only wish to see all of you and not to blink for I might miss what movement you have done for I only wonder whom you are. And how I ended up being at the right place and at the right time. For I am no longer a discovery but you are still fascinating. In which I only glance for the brief seconds that I can as I had been strongly drawn to you.

                As if a flower has been drawn to the sun to only show its true way’s. When at its final point to bloom for it only to see what it needs as if how I need you to enlighten me with your ways of thinking.                                             

                 For me as the flower I only pursue the sun until at last the sun does not wish to shine on thee. For I do not want to die and whether my pedals to the ground. For I only wish to live and to see what is next for the following days as well to know what you think of me.

                 For who am I to write you this; I'm of no importance for you I will not give up. Since this is the first time I’ve ever found myself overwhelmed of any one else but you.

                 I feel that I had been touch by a bolt in the sky to only feel what has overcame my ways of thinking for I wish to write more and more of how I seem to have feelings for you.

                 For I wish to write more and more of how I seem to be hypnotized. As only to be drawn to you even more by writing how I feel about you. I have no care of the world when I look at you and when I think of you I feel good to express myself in a way I have not done for a while. I had felt so low as if how the earths crust has been altered in an obscene way, to be seen in different ways to be consider being scum.  I felt your eyes telling me, why I did not write to you. For that to be known for myself that writing to you third period did not change what sadness I have given myself. I cannot forgive myself for guiltiness hangs me up as a fool.