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Poem 8
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               "How different we all are and yet we think the same"
                 I sometimes think that I could just have the chance to go back through time and change all the mistakes I have done to change what I thought of world, my hatred towards God what I’ve become; my attitude and my intelligence. Which I soon learned to realize that I had to change. But one only learns of life by their natural ways of misdirection. The ways that we have been created had only resulted us to give us attraction towards others. As the same for how we think we all at times have confusion of what or how a thing or an element is suppose to work.

                Others question as well as the ones that have a difference of thinking are confused. For me I question a question and as well confuse of why this happened or that. One person of these qualities should seek another who has no care of why are they here to be existing in the first place a person who has nothing to lose.  Their life is great of characteristics by themselves since they represent the person you want to be. To be free and with no problems we see these people showing the outside of themselves yet we never wish to see the way they really are in the inside.          

                And who they truly are for themselves are confuse for they too question as well when you ask them of what anything you wish to ask of themselves. They shall know that you care, and soon your confusion is no more, and has left your mind without thinking about it for we all truly live our life’s with confusion. That's what makes us a piece of life that is existing today.