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Poem 7
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                            I have seen the ways that you have bestowed your sight towards this way only one would guess the fact of what is to happened next I could only watch your every movement to see if this someone notices me. For this someone not be alone yet to prefer to be with company. The canvas of many colors and different ways to view could only show somewhat of your actions but only stays in one position to say this is who I’ am.

                The painting only shows a blur of you face since one would only judge the outside, but I wish to understand the inside of the one featured in this picture for who are they. One could only judge a book by its cover; the prospector who only wishes to see the colors of the sky and of which how ones dressed.

                But I would look past the scenery of one’s ways and only wish to see what this lady in this canvas wants, or to know her needs in her life. For I as a true appreciator of life's canvas could only surpass the differences of the lady in the canvas as to myself