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Poem 6
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                                     "The Faces of the Mist"

                 The shadow’s of the mist had just brought confusion to the daily embraces one gives to others it’s shadow overcomes what had been seemed to exist. Shall it disappear into the madness departure of what parts of the sky of which it had been brought by misguided winds? Its cloudy ways has handed its powers to ones, self-consciousness, to only think that the haze only causes confusion. To what prospective one could think of what is to be of their many questions of what is to become of the day.

                With out the temper of Satan’s ball of fire, which only causes to be the opposite of what his plaque has cast down on the Earth. For only the elements of life have caused the forces of human adaptation to be considered a symbol of happiness to what days the fiery ball comes out.  

                 To what level will our happiness be considered of what strange ways our reactions we develop to what instant, to only conclude that the day shall end. With the haze to be gone from the days of independency to our freethinking, since this all changes situations. One should not be bothered of this, but to overcome what had been taken place and to accept it.

                  For there will be another day, there will be a new understanding. And yet who is to know of what is to happen. One could only wait of what is to be anticipated in our present time and space which is also a pitch black but not the grayness mist of ones face.