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Poem 5
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                                          "Time Travel"

               What days had past when the wind had blown our homework away these days I remember and I cry to that I miss those years of laughter I had with my friends those days give me fondness to what aspects of life I have for myself now.

               To the days we flipped the milk caps; to the days we race towards the swings for recess. Our laughter was felt as a great ecstasy in our lives. We had no care no worries; we wonder what older people did to what point of what their humor was about. From recess to the schooling that had begun I had always remember those days. I recall the times we had "fun Fridays" which included activities like the big red ball we use to kick or hit with a bat.

              We ran to the bases as fast as our little legs can take us and try not to fall on the pavement, or which the days I mostly spent when I was troubled in my studies. Which I spent having my so-called fun Fridays at a table outside as to be for a penalty for being a kid.

                I think people that remember their past and recall what they said that day would blow their mind. Since it’s really a trip to remember something fun that you did, but this only occurs when you’re bored. You only smile or laugh out with the silence that you have broken. With the sudden move of your head down and nodding side to side remembering what silliness; had provoked the silence of nature or to the conversations your companions had.
               We all say time has past by fast to sweep us off our feet; and only looking once down every four times a year to realize you have change a lot from how your characteristics were before. But from these present days and on we now can carry our wishes to the top of  highest peak of world. Because I have realize myself that I can be free to live my ways in  a peaceful place. Not here but may be in a far off land which have no boundaries I only wish the best to others who seek a different aspect of life.