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Poem 2
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                                           One Last Breath

                 To the bellows of the earth I have tried to uphold the truth of my past to seek past the wall which I made as a barrier to keep all from leaving and from all that forcefully try to disturb me to only keep me stronger I shall aside to let the problem increase for the truth is one cant fight the force by putting it away for it to come back and bother thee again no I shall not have these elements come forth to only destroy me I shall not bow down to this greater power the steps of good are far and high but to lag the journey give the thee the warning of the presence of evil which follows thee silently until it has thy breath to control what they feel inside and not to outburst the feeling of within his but to claim on ward on until not one breath of achieving shall putrefy and die to one last breath he shall reach the top but to where shall he go then only thy should decide to either build his path to an never ending fake reality to only block what within the walls which plaque to the day he grows he still has his dignity to only give one last breath to his goal of immortality.